Alabama Children First is a non-profit, non-partisan diverse group of statewide leaders who serve as the driving force to shape public policy and enhance the quality of life for the children and families of Alabama. 


Who is Al Children First?

Alabama Children First is dedicated to improving the quality of life for children and families of Alabama. We want every child to enjoy the same opportunities—quality education, access to quality health care, safety in and outside the home, and equality at every level.

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How You Can Help

You can help Children First make the well-being of Alabama's children and families the number one priority on our state's agenda. The vital work that Children First carries out on a daily basis would not be possible without our donors. 

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2017 Children First Events

This conference will focus on the ongoing efforts of the Children’s Policy Councils of Alabama on both the county and state level.  The county councils each year evaluate what children’s and families’ needs are and then work to develop programs designed to meet their goal of increasing the overall well-being of our smallest citizens. 

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