The vital work that Children First carries out on a daily basis would not be possible without our donors. The businesses who choose to become Children First Members are one of the most crucial aspects to our success. You can help Children First make the well-being of Alabama's children and families the number one priority on our state's agenda. Please consider being a part of this very important mission. You can donate online above for the Alliance (501c3) or send checks to our home office for the Foundation (501c4). For more information on donation options please keep reading. 


PLATINUM - $10,000+

GOLD - $5,000

SILVER - $2,500

BRONZE - $1,000

You can show your support of Alabama's children through either of our nonprofit organizations: 

The Children First Foundation of Alabama Inc (501c4): 

The Children First Foundation of Alabama Inc (CFF) is a 501c4 organization that focuses primarily on the area of lobbying to effect change in the lives of Alabama's children and families. We strongly encourage donors interested in supporting the broad range of Children First's work to consider making he largest possible gift they can afford to the Foundation. A donation to the Foundation may be deductible up to 50% on your taxes as a business expense. 

The Children First Alliance of Alabama Inc (501c3): 

The Children First Alliance of Alabama Inc (CFAA) is a 501c3 organization that performs vital work that helps to ensure the well-being of Alabama's children. Matters of particular concern to the Alliance are children's physical, mental, emotional and dental health; the education of at-risk children; the prevention and treatment of child neglect and abuse; child safety and child are; alternatives to long-term incarceration of juveniles; and enhancing the quality and effectiveness of the State's Foster Care system. A donation to the Alliance is 100% tax-deductible.