Children First Statement on Medicaid Cut

Children First issued the following statement regarding the announcement of the first Medicaid cut this week - cutting the primary care payment "bump":

"Children First is extremely disappointed regarding the recent announcement made by Governor Bentley regarding impending cuts to our state’s physicians who provide services to children.
“This is a cut directly on pediatricians and physicians all across our state,” said Christy Cain, executive Director of Children First. “It will result in decreased access to care, not just for children on Medicaid, but for all of Alabama’s children.”
Cain stated, “At Children First we believe that effects on our children should always be at the forefront of our elected officials’ minds when they are making budget decisions.”
We hope the Governor and the legislature will make the difficult but responsible decision to call a special session and find a stable revenue source that will properly fund this vital program for our children."

Open Letter to House Ways and Means General Fund Committee

Alabama Children First is happy to be a part of the Healthy General Fund Partnership. This morning the Partnership sent an open letter to the House Ways and Means General Fund Committee thanking them for the research they conducted on our state agencies who are facing severe budget cuts. Click here or keep reading for the the full letter. 

"Dear Representative,

We want to commend you! Last week we watched as the Ways and Means General Fund Committee received reports from its members regarding the challenges state agencies will encounter because of the budget crisis. What we heard was a real effort on the part of our state leaders to understand the challenges this state faces.

The shortage in the General Fund is something you know well, but perhaps you and your colleagues were not as keenly aware of the constraints under which our state agencies operate. After several years of budget cuts most of these agencies have already reduced staff tremendously while trying to keep providing the services the citizens of our state deserve. Importantly, your committee has demonstrated a clear understanding that even small budget cuts would be compounded by the loss of matching federal funds. Now armed with this knowledge, we hope that you will share this information with all House members and work together to solve our budget crisis.

Again thank you for all of your hard work. Our citizens, now more than ever, need leaders who are willing to do what it takes to keep Alabama strong and moving in the right direction. Please feel free to call upon us for any help you may need.


The Healthy General Fund Partnership

Committee Members:

  • Alabama Appleseed
  • Alabama Arise
  • Alabama Children First
  • Alabama Council of Community Mental Health Boards
  • Alabama Disabilities Advocacy Program
  • Alabama Hospital Association
  • Alabama Chapter – American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Disabilities Leadership Coalition of Alabama
  • Disability Rights and Resources
  • Glenwood Autism and Behavioral Health Center
  • Mercy LIFE of Alabama (PACE)
  • The Arc of Alabama
  • United Cerebral Palsy of Alabama
  • VOICES for Alabama’s Children"